Mike Badger 'Volume' CD-001 The La's 'Lost La's 1984-1986 Breakloose' CD-002 Arthur Lee 'Arthur Lee Live in Liverpool 1992' CD/LP 003 Mike Badger 'Double Zero' CD-004 Dead Cowboys 'Comings and Goings' CD-005 Various 'Unearthed - Liverpool Cult Classics Vol 1' CD-006 Steve Roberts 'It Just Is' CD-007 The La's 'Lost La's 1986-1987 Callin' All' CD/LP-008 Various 'Unearthed - Liverpool Cult Classics Vol 2' CD-009 Various 'The Great Liverpool Acoustic Experiment' CD-010 Captain Beefheart 'Magnetic Hands Live in the UK 1972-1980' CD-011 The Benjamins 'Out On The Water' CD Single CDS1-012 Aviator 'Huxley Pig - Part 1' CD-013
Various 'The Ultimate 50's Rockin' Sci-Fi Disc' CD-014 Captain Beefheart 'Railroadism Live in the USA 72-81' CD-015 Various 'Unearthed Merseybeat From The Birth Of Merseybeat To Psychedelia 1957 - 1968' CD-016 Otaku No Denki 'The Future Played Backwards' CD-017 Various 'The Ultimate 50’s and 60’s Rockin’ Horror Disc' CD-018 Various 'Papa Ain’t No Santa Claus,Mama Ain’t No Christmas Tree' CD-019 Garry Christian 'How Does it Feel…' CD-020 Various 'The Ultimate 30’s and 40’s Reefer Songs' CD-021 Captain Beefheart 'Magneticism' LP-022 Various 'Unearthed Liverpool Cult Classics VOL 3' CD-023 The Great Northwestern Hoboes 'Between Catharine and Hope' Single CDS2-024 Various 'Out There - Wild and Wondrous Roots of Rock 'n' Roll Vol 1' CD-025 The Great Northwestern Hoboes 'Change Your Tune' Single CDS3-026
Various 'Unearthed Merseybeat Vol 2 The Golden Age 1961 - 1966' CD-027 The Floatation Project 'Sonic Stories' CD-028 Edgar 'Jones' Jones 'Soothing Music for Stray Cats' CD-029 Various '21st Century Liverpool Underground' CD-030 Various 'Lets Get Drunk Again' CD-031 Various - 'Unearthed Merseybeat Vol 3 The Dawn Of A New Era 1957 - 1968' CD-032 Various 'Out There - Wild and Wondrous Roots of Rock 'n' Roll Vol 2' CD-033 The Stairs 'Right In The Back Of Your Mind' CD-034 Tramp Attack 'Call in Sick' CD-035 Various '!PROTEST! - American Protest Songs 1928 to 1953' CD-036 Edgar Jones and The Joneses 'More Than You’ve Ever Had' Single CDS4-037 VS1-037 The Floatation Project 'Sounds from the Solar System' CD-038 Various 'The Song Before The Song' CD-039
Chris Elliot 'Fierce Truth and Fortune' CD-040 Edgar Jones 'Edgar Jones and The Joneses' Single CDS5-041 Various 'Banged Up American Jailhouse Songs 1920’s to 1950’s' CD-042 Edgar Jones and The Joneses 'Gettin’ A Little Help CD-043 Various I’m Gonna Lasso Santa Claus' CD-044 Edgar Jones and The Joneses 'Mellow Down Pussycat' Single DDLS1-045 Edgar Jones & Friends 'The Masked Marauder' CD-046 Various 'Up Jumped the Devil' CD-047 The Stairs 'Who Is This Is' CD-048 Arthur Lee 'Forever Changes Tour Liverpool 2003' CD-049 Edgar ‘Jones’ Jones and The Joneses ' Live We Should Get Together' DDLA2-050 Various 'American Guitar Tracks from the 1920’s – 1950’s' CD-051 The La's '1984-1986 Breakloose' CD-052
‘Magneticism’- The Best Of Captain Beefheart And His Magic Bands ‘Live’ 72-81 CD-053 Various 'Lost Highways' - American Road Songs from the 1920’s – 1950’s - CD054 Various ‘The Ultimate Rockin’ Halloween Party’ - American Horror Songs 1930’s – 1950’s CD-055 Various 'The Ultimate 50's Rockin' Sci-Fi Disc' CD-056 Various ‘Rockin’ 1950’s Cats’ Rare US Rockabilly Cat Songs CD-057 Various ‘Ain’t Nobody Here But us Chickens’ American Chicken Songs from the 1920’s to the 1950’s - DL-058 Various ‘All You Need Is Money!’ American Money Songs from the 1920’s to the 1950’s - DL-059 Various ‘What's Her Name?’ 1950’s Songs about American Girls - DL-060 The La's ‘De Freitas Session 87' - DL-061 The La’s 1986-1987 'Callin' All' Deluxe Edition CD/DL-062 Various ‘Rockin’ Tennessee’ 1940’s & 50’s US Tennessee Songs - DL-063 Various What's Cookin'? - Tasty US Food Songs 1920's - 1950's - DL-064 Various ‘Rockin’ 1950’s Hound Dogs’ - Rare US Rockabilly Dog Songs - DL065
Various ‘ROCKIN' IN THE JUNGLE’ - 1950’s American Jungle Songs - CD/DL066 Various ‘‘Rockin’ Mama’ Rockin’ US 1950’s Mama Songs - DL067 Various '‘Rockin’ Daddies’ Rockin’ US 1950’s Daddy Songs - DL068 Various ‘The Ultimate 1950’s Hot Rod Album’ USA Car Songs Vol 1 - DL069 Various ‘The Ultimate 1950’s Crusin’ Album’ USA Car Songs Vol 2 - DL070 Jimmy Campbell ‘Live 1977’ - DL071 Various ‘Elevator Papa, Switchboard Mama’ Risque 1920’s - 1950’s - DL072 The Floatation Project ’Made out of Worldly Shapes’ - DL073 The Floatation Project ‘Late Night Blue’ - DL074 Various ‘The Wedding Album’ 1950’s Love & Marriage Songs - DL075 Various 'The Train Kept a Rollin’ - A musical History of the American Railroad 1920’s -50’s - DL076 Various ‘Come Rain, Come Shine’ Songs about the Weather 1920’s -1950’s - DL077 The Edgar Jones Free Peace Thing ‘Stormy Weather’ - CD/DL078
Various ‘Graveyard Disposition’ Deathly Ditties and Graveyard Grooves- 1920’s -1950’s - DL079 Various ‘Life is Like a Card Game’ US Gambling Songs 1920’s – 1950’s - DL080 Various ‘Cowboys ‘n’ Indians’ US Cowboy & Indian Songs 1926 – 1960 - DL081 Various ‘A Nestful of Vipers’ American Snakes Songs 1920’s -1950’s - DL082 Mike Badger 'Rogue State' - DL083 Jimmy Campbell ‘Troubadour’ Lost Recordings 1965 - 1991 - CD/DL084 Aviator ‘Huxley Pig Part 2’ - CD/DL085 Edgar 'Jones' Jones 'Soothing Music for Stray Cats' - CD/DL086 - (Remastered + Bonus Tracks) Edgar Summertyme ‘Sense of Harmony’ - CD/DL087 T.G. Elias 'T.G. Elias' - CD/DL088 Chris Elliot 'Elephant Blues' - CD/DL089 Aviator By the By Unreleased sessions 2002 -2012 - CD/DL090 Edgar Summertyme – The Isrites & Big Kids Sessions 1995 – 2000 – CD/DL091
Various – Rockin’ on the Moon – US Moon Songs 1928 – 1961 – DL092 Various -Tick Tock Rock – US Time Songs 1940 – 1950 – DL093 Various - ‘All I have to do is Dream’ -US Dream Songs 1923 – 1960 - DL094 Various – ‘Ramblin’ Men’ – US Ramblin’ Hobo Songs 1929 – 1961 – DL095 Various - ‘The Ultimate Honky Tonk Album’ US Honky Tonk Songs 1940 – 1960 - DL096 Various - ‘Don’t take your Guns to Town’ US Gun Songs & Murder Ballads 1930 – 1960 - DL097 Edgar Summertyme - Morphic Fields - CD/DL098 Aviator – Desolation Peaks – DL099 Various – Viper 100 – CD/DL100 Chris Elliot – Homestead EP – CD/DL101 Black Mama Blues The essential Womens Blues 1920 – 1930’s – CD/DL102 Essential Blues Vol 1 1920’s – 1940 – DL103 Essential Blues Vol 2 1920’s – 1940 – DL104
Essential Blues Vol 3 1920's - 1940 - DL105 Essential Pioneers of Country Music Vol 1 1920’s – 1940’s – DL106 Essential Pioneers of Country Music Vol 2 1920’s – 1940’s – DL107 Essential Pioneers of Country Music Vol 3 1920’s – 1940’s – DL108 Various US Hot Jazzers Vol 1 Essentials and Rarities 1920s - 1940s - DL109 US Hot Jazzers Vol 2 Essentials and Rarities 1920s - 1940s - DL110 THE STAIRS ‘The Great Lemonade Machine in the Sky’ 1987 -1994 CD/DL111 Various La Stomp Creole The very best of Cajun Vol 1 1920’s - 1930’s - DL112 Various Le Midland Two -Step The very best of Cajun Vol 2 1920’s - 1930’s - DL113 Edgar Jones Jones Soothing music for Stray Cats Vinyl Reissue - Viper/Mellowtone LP1 114 THE STAIRS ‘Live at the Cavern 1991’ – CD/DL115 Various - The Very Best of American Mountain Music 1920’s - 1930’s - DL116 THE STAIRS ‘Live at the Kazimier 2015’ – CD/DL117
DJANGO REINHARDT ‘Monsieur Guitare’ The Very Best of his Early recordings 1934 – 1939 – DL118 Various ‘Want to Boogie some more’ The very best of Boogie Woogie 1920’s - 1940’s - DL119 CAB CALLOWAY ‘The Hepster Cat’ The very best of 1920s - 1940s - DL120 ‘Slide that Thing !’ The very best of American Blues slide guitar 1920s - 1940s - DL121 ‘Blowin’ up a Storm’ Harmonica Blues Classics 1920s – 1940s – DL122 ‘Sounds from the Crescent City’ New Orleans Jazz & Blues 1920s – 1940s – DL123 The La’s 1987 - CD/LP/DL124 Times is gittin' hard' Rare Blues from the Mississippi 1920s to 1940s - DL125 Put ’em down Blues The Very Best of Louis Armstrong’s Hot Five & Hot Seven – DL126 ‘Everybody rides in Jesus’ name’ The Very best of Gospel, Blues and Spirituals 1920s - 1940s - DL127 ‘It’s the Rhythm we want’ The Very best of Calypso 1914 – 1940 – DL128 The Floatation Project ‘I’m in Love with a Girl from a Japanese Horror Movie’ – CDS129/DL129 The La’s Scrapbook 1984-87 – Viper B1 130
The La's Open your Heart EP - Viper EP1 131 The Floatation Project – Roadrunner – Viper 132 MAGNETICISM III The Best of Captain Beefheart & his Magic Bands Live in the Canada 1973 – 81- Viper DL139 The La’s Breakloose – Viper LP/DL140 The La’s Callin’ All - Viper LP/DL141 The Thomas Scott Quintet ‘Marionette ’ - Viper 142 The Great American Medicine Show album 1925 - 1947- Viper DL143
‘Broke & Hungry’ Blues 1926 – 1940 – Viper DL144 The Lonesome Blues 1925 – 1941 – Viper DL145 ‘Murder in the First Degree’ Vintage American Murder Ballads 1925- 1949 – Viper DL146 The La’s ‘Live! 1986/87’ - Viper LP147                  
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