DJANGO REINHARDT ‘Monsieur Guitare’ The Very Best of his Early recordings 1934 - 1939 - DL118DJANGO REINHARDT ‘Monsieur Guitare’ The Very Best of his Early recordings 1934 – 1939 – DL118

Released: 14th Nov 2016 – DOWNLOAD ONLY

Django Reinhardt is one of the greatest guitarist to have ever lived (astonishing considering his 4th and 5th fingers were paraylzed in a house fire) and his influence still felt today. Jeff Beck said ‘By far the most astonishing guitar player ever- superhuman’. From a Gypsy family background he was born in Belgium in 1910 and from an early age, he could easily copy other musicians just by watching their fingers. But it was in 1930’s Paris that he came into his own inventing a brand new style style of Jazz guitar technique- many of his compositions have since become Jazz standards.

This compilation features most of his early works and focuses on the guitar compositions. Django was a master at using the guitar’s volume, expressiveness and percussive qualities (which had never been done before). It shows what an inspirational guitarist/composer he was. A true Gypsy legend, music was changed forever by his instinctive and inspirational style.


1. Appel Direct 1938
2. Oh Lady be Good 1934
3. Tears 1937
4. Improvisation No2 1939
5. Dinah 1934
6. Blue Drag 1935
7. Twelfth Year 1939
8. Nocturne 1938
9. Djangology 1935
10. Improvisation 1937
11. Hungaria 1934
12. Clouds 1935
13. My Sweet 1938
14. The Flat Foot Floogie 1938
15. Time on My Hands 1939
16. Swing from Paris 1938
17. Moon Glow 1935
18. Rose Room 1937
19. St Louis Blues 1935
20. Billets Doux 1938
21. Oriental Shuffle 1936
22. Mystery Pacific 1937
23. Parfum 1937
24. When Day is Done 1937