Harlem Hamfats 'Lets get Drunk and Truck'  Songs about Drink,Drugs,Sex and Troubles 1936 - 1939 - Viper 133

Harlem Hamfats ‘Lets get Drunk and Truck’ Songs about Drink,Drugs,Sex and Troubles 1936 – 1939 – Viper 133 Download

Released: May 20th 2019 – Viper 133 Download

The Harlem Hamfats were formed in 1936 in Chicago by the producer J.Mayo Williams and are quite possibly the first group to have been put together using studio musicians. All the talented members came from diverse geographical backgrounds which had a tremendous impact on their sound- taking in blended Blues (dirty Blues at times!), Dixieland and Swing Jazz.
Led by songwriters: Herb Morand (from New Orleans) and Kansas Joe Mc Coy (from Mississippi) The Harlem Hamfats had numerous hits with their original material, although their recording career might well have made made an even greater impact had their salacious songs not dealt with sex, drugs and alcohol…All common themes featured on this album.
An innovative band and well ahead of their time- Sex, Drugs and Rock ’n’ Roll Indeed!


1. Sales Tax on it 1936
2. Weed Smokers Dream 1936
3. What you gonna Do? 1936
4. You got to be Satisfied 1937
5. Worried Mind Blues 1937
6. Move you Hand 1936
7. Bad luck Man 193
8. Hoodooin’ Woman 1937
9. My Daddy was a Lovin’ Man 1936
10. Down in Shady Lane 1937
11. You Drink too Much 1937
12. Baby Don’t you Tear my Clothes 1937
13. Empty Bed Blues 1937
14. Let’s get Drunk and Truck 1936
15. If you’re a Viper 1937
16. You got the Devil to Pay 1937
17. Broken Hearted Blues 1937
18. I’m in so much Trouble Now 1938
19. Stay on it 1938
20. The Candy Man 1938
21. Bartender’s Blues 1939
22. Stay away from my Door 1938