‘It’s the Rhythm we want’ The Very best of Calypso 1914 – 1940 – DL128

Released: 3rd of Sept 2018 – Download

Calypso Music originates from Trinidad and Tabago in the mid Nineteenth Century yet its rhythms can be traced back to West African Kaiso and the arrival of French planters and their slaves from the French Antilles in the 18th century. As English replaced “patois” (Antillian Creole) as the dominant language, calypso migrated into English, and in so doing it attracted more attention from the government -it allowed the masses through music to challenge the doings of the unelected Governor and Legislative town Councils.
Calypso has since gone on to inspire many other musical genres including: Ska, Reggae, Socca, Rocksteady, Soul and Funk. Here at Viper we have selected some of the finest exponents of the genre from the first half of the Twentieth Century – Listen to the great: ‘Lord Executor’ ‘Atilla The Hun’ or ‘The Roaring Lion’ tell us with great aplomb about the trials, folk tales and tribulations of Caribbean living!


1. King Radio – It’s the Rhythm we want 1939
2. Tiger with Gerald Clark and his Orchestra – Yaraba Shango 1936
3. Bill Rogers – West Indian Weed Woman 1934
4. Keskidee Trio – Congo Bara 1935
5. The Roaring Lion with Cyril Monrose String Orchestra – African War Call 1938
6. The Growler – High Brown 1939
7. Lord Beginner – Anacaona 1935
8. The Lion – I am going to buy a Bungalow 1938
9. The Caresser – The more they try to do me bad 1938
10. Belasco’s Band – Germaine 1914
11. Wilmoth Houdini – War Declaration 1934
12. Felix and his Krazy Kats – Bei Mir Bist Du Shoen 1938
13. Lord Executor – Seven Skeletons found in the Yard 1938
14. Atilla the Hun – Graf Zeppelin 1934
15. Lord Invader -Caro at Point Cumana 1940
16. Julian Whiterose – Iron Duke in the Land 1914