024The Great Northwestern Hoboes ‘Between Catharine and Hope’ Single CDS2/DL-024

Released: August 2004, CD- Download

This is the debut single from a young 4 piece Liverpool band and the perfect Summer pop song with echoes of  The Velvet Underground and Van Morrison.



1. Between Catharine and Hope
2. World Still Spins Around
3. Lost at Sea

  • ‘These have a totally original sound…as nice melodic pop goes, it’s as good as it gets’ Timothy Pondsworthy-Sponge, LIVE! Magazine – Issue 11, JULY 2004
  • ‘…Boasting an easily memorable, (bitter) sweet tune, with a vaguely Caribbean lilt, “Between Catharine and Hope” is a typically undeniable slice of jangly Scouse brilliance, featuring dead-on harmonies…Mega. The two B-sides are further proof of singer Marc Hannon’s burgeoning songwriting skills…’ Tim Peacock, whisperinandhollerin.com, JULY 2004
  • ‘Between Catharine and Hope’, contains the most lilting, mercurial, colourful guitar figure i’ve heard in a long time truly great and the production is excellent, very live and loose sounding, but clearand dynamic’ Terry Banks, The Big Takeover – SEPTEMBER 2004