‘Slide that Thing !’ The very best of American Blues slide guitar 1920s - 1940s - DL121‘Slide that Thing !’ The very best of American Blues slide guitar 1920s – 1940s – DL121

Released: 5th Dec 2016 – DOWNLOAD ONLY

Slide guitar is the art of placing an object called a slide (usually a tube made from metal or glass) across the strings of a guitar to achieve wide sweeping expressions which lift and smear the notes. This atmospheric and often eerie sound was perfect for Blues Artists in the 1920’s/30’s trying to express their own anguish and suffering in the deep South.

Although it’s origins go way back the slide guitar is just as popular today and has been used by such guitar greats as George Harrison, Bonnie Raitt,Steve Miller and The Allman Brothers Band. The first musician to feature slide guitar on a recording was Sylvester Weaver, he is featured here as well as other prominent slide guitar pioneers such as Charley Patton, Son House, Blind Willie Johnson, Robert Johnson and many many more. Another essential Viper release!


1. Bukka White – Fixin’ to Die Blues 1940
2. Kokomo Arnold – The Twelves 1935
3. Blind Willie Johson – Nobody’s Fault but Mine 1927
4. Big Joe Williams – Baby Please don’t Go 1935
5. Charley Patton – A Spoonful Blues 1929
6. Josh White – Jesus Gonna Make up my Dying Bed 1933
7. Ruth Willis – Experience Blues 1931
8. Barbecue Bob – Goin’ up the Country 1927
9. Sylvester Weaver  – Pile Blues 1927
10. Robert Johnson – Travelling Riverside Blues 1937
11. Oscar Woods – Lone Wolf Blues 1936
12. Son House- My Black Mama pt 1 1930
13. Rev. Blind Gary Davis – Cross and Evil Woman Blues 1935
14) Buddy Woods – Don’t sell it ( Don’t give it away ) 1937
15. Blind boy Fuller  – Homesick and Lonesome Blues 1935
16. Hambone Willie Newborn – Roll and Tumble Blues 1929
17. Leadbelly – Packin’ Trunk Blues 1935
18. Tampa Red – Things ‘Bout Coming my Way 1931
19. Blind Willie McTell – It’s a Good Little Thing 1933
20. Robert Lockwood Jr – Little Boy Blue 1941