Various Out There Wild and Wondrous Roots of Rock 'n' Roll Vol 1

Various Out There Wild and Wondrous Roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll Vol 1 – DL


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Various Out There Wild and Wondrous Roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll Vol 1 – DL


1. Yaqui Tribe – Pascola Dance (North American Indian tribal dance with a rhythm of things to come) Circa 1952
2. Tunde King & his Group -Oba Oyinbo (African Blues) 1936
3. Charley Patton -High Water Everywhere (Rock ‘n’ Roll from this Black Indian Legend) 1929-34
4. Buddy Jones – Rockin’ Rollin’ Mama (Earlist known mention of the Rock ‘n’ Roll phrase on disc) 1940
5. Kanvi & Lula- Tomi Tomi (Totally unique Hawaiian performer ,wild guitar pickin’ and singing) 1933/34
6. Dave & Howard -Serves ‘em Fine (Original Protest Folk Blues/Origins of the talking Blues style) 1931
7. Beale Street Sheiks – It’s a Good Thing (Considered to be the earliest Rap recording )(1927)
8. Phebel Wright – Lint Head Stomp (Bluegrass Mandolin Instrumental) 1946
9. Henry Thomas – Fox and the Hounds This recording is one of the earliest examples of rural Black music) 1927
10. Wilmoth Houdini – African Love Call (Innovative Arabian-calypso, telling the story of the African people 1934
11. Hoyle Nix & his West Texas Cowboys – A Big Balls in Cowtown (Western swing fun) 1949
12. Lidya Mendoza – Pero Hay Que Triste (Origins of the lone female Country singer) 1934
13. Eck Robinson-Sallie Gooden (Trad Hillbilly fiddle instrumental) 1922
14. Maddox Brothers & Rose – Shimmy Shakin’ Daddy Classic early Rockabilly) 1951
15. Lead Belly & the Golden Jubilee Quartet – Rock Island Line (The original skiffle song ushering in Rock ‘n’ Roll and Doo-wop) 1940
16. Blind Boy Fuller – Shake It (Hard Hitting Risque Blues) 1940
17. Callahan Brothers – Somebody’s Been Using That Thing (Hillbillies play with the Blues) 1937
18. Muddy Waters (featuring Little Walter) – Evans Shuffle (Ebony Boogie) (Rockin’ Harmonica with a tribal beat) 1951
19. Arkie Shibley & his Mountain Dew Boys – Dusty Blossom Boogie (Early Electric Guitar Boogie instrumental) 1952
20. Cecil Gant – Rock Little Baby (Boogie Piano/guitar and phrasings, pre- dating the Rock ‘n’ Roll age) 1951